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Our sweet dog Ruby is 8 years old. Her whole life she has always been part of our family. She loves boating, 4 wheeling, camping, swimming, playing fetch, going on walks etc… She is so sweet, loving and very energetic. But on May of 2014 she started losing weight. I called my vet and asked if I should bring her in to see him. The Dr. said she is probably just not eating as much because of the heat and to buy a higher protein dog food. Ruby then became very bloated. So I brought her back into the vet. He gave her a blood test and diagnosed her with Ascites due to liver disease, renal failure and protein losing enteropathy. “His prognosis: Guarded-short term, Grave-long term!” That’s right! He told me she was dying and printed that on a paper with the blood test results as the Prognosis! The blood test showed that her ALT was off the charts (too high to know) The chart only showed up to 1000 and so both vets didn’t know exactly how high it really was. The ALKP was 564 HIGH! He also told me that we could try medications but with those high numbers it wasn’t likely for her to live more than a week or two. But if she responded to the medications then she might live up to a year if we’re lucky.

I took her to another vet for a 2nd opinion in hopes of the other vet having more ideas of what else I could do. She wasn’t eating or drinking on her own. And I wasn’t able to syringe/force feed and water her enough since she is a big dog and was fighting me on it. And believe me I was trying my hardest! The 2nd vet told me not to give her all of those antibiotics that the 1st vet recommended because it would put more stress on the liver and do more harm than good. That’s not what I was expecting! I never imagined that one vet would disagree with the other vet about the medications! Now I didn’t know who to believe or trust! If I chose the wrong doctor then it could cost our sweet Ruby’s life! But that didn’t matter anyway because she was so dehydrated that she wasn’t going to make it through another night! She had no moisture in her mouth, and when I pet her fur, she felt like a stuffed animal because she was SOOO dehydrated. I was trying to force down the water the best I could but she was fighting me on it and most of it was dropping on the floor or getting all over both of us. She was also choking and coughing from it. And I could hardly even keep her laying on her back while doing it because she was all skin and bones. (That made it like trying to stand a pencil up on one end.) I knew I was losing the battle and that I was going to lose her that night! I couldn’t accept that so I got on the internet and thankfully found Amanda’s Five Leaf Pet Botanicals! First of all when I read that I could give her WATERMELON I quickly drove to the store and bought one. Ruby LOVED it! She ate a lot of it (on her own) and then I cooked her a sweet potato and she gulped that down! Finally I was able to give her something that she would eat and drink! All that the 1st vet had told me that I could feed her, other than Science Diet Liver Disease dog food, is Oatmeal. She had ate those a couple days at first, and then wouldn’t eat them anymore! All that the 2nd vet had told me that I could feed her, other than the Science Diet Liver Disease Dog food was Rice with a Chicken Bouillon. Ruby had ate that for a couple days and then wouldn’t eat the rice either. I think that she thought that it was making her more sick and come to find out… Chicken Bouillon has “Onion Powder in it!” So it very well may have been contributing to making her sick and that’s why she was becoming so dehydrated and starving! Then I also learned that even the most expensive dog food, and even the liver disease dog food hurts the dog’s liver and kidneys. Ruby wanted to eat but I couldn’t feed her anything that she wanted because I thought anything else would kill her! But thanks to Amanda, Ruby LOVED the watermelon… She ate so much watermelon that she rehydrated herself!!! I also did the heat and cold packs on her liver and warmed her up since she was so cold due to being on her last hours of life. But miraculously the watermelon helped her so much that by the next day she woke up a new dog! And by eating sweet potatoes, steak, eggs and pureed vegetables, yogurt… she started getting stronger! I have to admit that I was terrified about giving her raw meat. Again I felt pulled in two different directions since both of my vets said that my dog could get really sick or even die with raw meat! And since she was already very sick and weak, I was really scared! But I knew that Amanda’s Pet Botanicals had definitely already SAVED HER LIFE, at least for the time being, so I decided to trust her and give Ruby the raw meat too. I am SOOO grateful that I did because it worked and she didn’t get sick like the vets had thought. And when the drops and dog greens package came in the mail and I was able to start giving her those too then she got stronger and stronger! I had her blood tested regularly and watched her blood levels go down each time! By December 2014 the vet told me that she was going to have a FULL RECOVERY! He couldn’t believe it! All of the tests were in normal range except the ALT. It was still really high at 664 but remember that it had been dropping the last 6 months on all of the blood tests since (June 2014 when it was off of the charts over 1000)! Each time he tested her blood it was getting better and better! I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I found Amanda’s Five Leaf Pet Botanicals! She truly saved Ruby’s life! When I had read the testimonials I wanted to believe them! But since I didn’t know the people, I wasn’t sure if they were real or not. I then decided that I had nothing to lose since Ruby was quickly dying and I DIDN’T WANT TO GIVE UP ON HER! Thank GOD that I found this website! Amanda will even call you if you have any questions. I couldn’t believe it when she called me the first time! And she really knows her stuff! She really is there for you and your dogs. So if you really love your dog and you want to do everything that you can to heal him/her then follow her instructions! I truly wish that I would have known about this about 10 years ago when I lost a dog named Banjo from Kidney failure. I know with all my heart that this would have saved Banjo too! It has been a year and a half since Ruby got sick and she is still with us. I am sad to say that she did have a relapse. We don’t know if it was from drinking dirty water that we saw her drinking from in a puddle at the desert while we were camping, or if it was from a accident that happened. A lot of motorcycles & four wheelers drive thru that puddle of water all day long. Who know’s what chemicals were in it. It looked like oil or gas was in the water. As soon as we heard her drinking it we called her away from it and gave her clean filtered water that we had with us and kept her close to us and away from the puddle. Then about a half an hour later, she was leaping off of a small ledge with a stick in her mouth while playing fetch, when my son’s boxer dog jumped up to take the stick from her mouth. They collided in mid air! He weighs 80 lbs and she only weighs 35 lbs. So that could have caused the relapse too. Later that day she was stumbling around and bumping into things almost like she was blind so we rushed her to the vet. Her blood work was high again ALT was 276 HIGH and her ALKP was 486 HIGH. But it was still much lower than the year and a half before when she was first diagnosed at ALT over 1000 and ALKP 564 high. Now she is back on the drops & dog greens and is doing better each day! That is what made me want to share our story! I had always planned on writing one last year when she recovered but never got around to it. Now I wanted to make sure to take the time to write it, so that other people could have a chance to save their loved ones too. I tell everyone I know and even people that I just meet, because I LOVE animals and I want everyone to know how they can heal their pets too! Thanks again Amanda!

Sincerely yours,
Debbie Mower
Price, UT*
Ruby’s Veterinarian: Dr. J Boyd Thayn & Dr. Glen L. Jensen**

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Hello, we have used your liver cleansing program for three months (three cycles) and use dog greens every day for our little Maltese x Shiztu and cannot believe how well she is. Our vet didn’t give us any hope for her. She lost 2 kg of weight (she was 4.2kgs) so lost almost half her body weight. Had episodes of shivering and was obviously sick.(this happened very rapidly) over two weeks. We had no idea what was wrong with her. I told the vet her symptoms and did blood tests.her results came back as liver disease. We were devastated. I found your program on the web and sent for it, and am so glad I did. Today she has recovered her weight and her blood tests are good the vet said (for her age, she is 14) and looks very healthy, and is back to her old self. So thank you so much for what you did for her. I’m almost in tears writing this, I am so grateful.

Gillian Carter
Greenwith, Australia*
Chloe’s Veterinarian: Golden Grove Vet Clinic**

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LucaLuca is my 15 and a half year old bearded collie. I am a physical therapist and I adopted Luca when she was 8 months old from an animal shelter. She has come to work with me from the day I got her. Luca has travelled with me on holidays, climbed mountains and ran 10km races with me. She has been with me through all the ups and downs life has thrown me and needless to say has been my best friend.

She was diagnosed with a fungal liver abscess 2 years ago. For a year before this she was spiking temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius. She was put on antibiotics and she would improve. Then 2 weeks after antibiotics her symptoms would reappear. Eventually she was put on a 6 week course of antibiotics, a scan and a biopsy was done to her liver. She was diagnosed with a fungal liver abscess. The abscess was 8.5cm. Her ALT was 110 and ALP was 612. The specialist immediately suggested surgery but I was reluctant as she was already 13 years old and I had lost an older dog in surgery before. He then decided to put her on fluconozyl 200mg daily. She had been on this for 2 years.

January 2013 she had a sort of drunken/staggering episodes that only lasted 5 seconds. I rushed her to the vet but everything was normal. She had another episode a week later. The specialist redid her liver values and they could not even be registered as they were so high. He diagnosed her with hepatic encephalopathy and told me that there was not much more he can do. At this stage her ALT was 272 and ALP was greater than 2000. He did not think Luca had long to live and suggested I be thankful for everyday I have with her. My thinking was that it was the long term effect of the antifungals. I decided to stop the antifungal and in my desperation searched the internet for help. I was not ready to give up on my beautiful girl and my best friend.

The first site that caught my interest was the canine liver health site. I felt so strongly about it and it was really my only chance so I wrote to Amanda and related my story. She suggested I start the programme and change her diet immediately. I used to supplement Luca with 1000mg of salmon oil, osteoeze tablets, moducare, Echinacea tablets, sam e and milk thistle. I started on the five leaf liver programme in January and all I can say is that Luca is a miracle since starting the programme. I have stopped every other medication. She is back to jumping on the couches, going for 10 minute walks and loving the food. In the year that she has been on the five leaf meds she has been more active and interactive than when she was on the antifungals. My old healthy girl is back. she now weighs a healthy 23kg She barks at me at her feed times and still greets all the clients at work. She is the mascot at work. thank you Amanda. I plan on keeping Luca on the meds and hope to celebrate a few more birthdays with her.

Zoe Dawood

Cape Town, South Africa*

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My Princess Jr. Kodi was abandoned by her mother at birth, so she had no immune system. I got her at about 5-6 weeks. I immediately fell in love with her. She soon became being called my "million dollar dog." She had so many things wrong with her. I will try to condense her story because it’s quite long. She lost her back left leg at the age of 2 because of a trap! Then at the same age she got pancreatitis…my own fault, I was so uninformed, I didn’t feed her pork, but, I put pork juice on her food…which sent her into pancreatitis, and she almost died, Doc said there was one antibiotic left.. as he called it, the big gun, and if it didn’t work, then she wouldn’t make it. One of the next things she got was sweat gland cancer, I found a lump on her front right hand, and since she only had the 3 legs I just couldn’t see her trying to make it with only two legs, but…we do have it on video of her walking with the two, because when Doc did a biopsy, it was wrapped up & she won’t use it if it’s wrapped up! So, she walked with 2 opposite

legs. We were then referred to U of I in Champaign and got radiation for a month, and after 2 yrs of checkups she got a clean bill of health. She became the Ramada mascot! Then she got Cirrhosis of the liver at the age of 16 and also was into kidney failure, she was operating on 1/2 of one kidney. My perfect Vet that loved her so much since she was born, he said to give her anything she wants to eat and that was that. I know it killed him, knowing that medicine had taken her as far as it could. Looking back I realized that he knew that she didn’t have long. But of course, she’s my kid, so we went out on a limb, and thank God found Amanda’s website.

I cannot tell you how much she’s improved, well maybe I can by saying my Vet now is giving Amanda’s website to his clients. That says a lot, my Kodi’s enzyme levels has made a believer out of him. This last time my Vet said, first off he wished his bloodwork was that good.Also he said that they were as close to perfect as they can get. I can tell you that it has taken her back to where she was 5 years ago. Now looking back, we see how sick she was, but we chocked it up to age. Amanda’s treatments have brought her back to a "kid".

Her enzymes were as follows, her two liver enzymes right before we started the treatment were :

ALKP-1499 & ALT-off the chart too high to register

after 1 month of Amanda’s treatments: ALKP-158 & ALT-148

2nd month after treatment: ALKP-129 & ALT-148

The 2 kidney enzymes:

before treatment: BUN-36 & Creatinine-1.8

1 month after treatment: BUN-34 & Creatinine-1.3

2nd month after treatment: BUN-24 & Creatinine-1.4

We love you Amanda!!! Mooshes from Kodi!!!

Shordy and all the Ramseys!

Buncombe, IL*

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Hi Amanda,

We write to thank you for your wonderful products that has been keeping our 14 years old CoCohealthy and active!

We have CoCo with us ever since she is a month old, she is part of our family and we always try our best to take good care of her. In February 2009, CoCo did not feel like eating for 2 days and had a few episodes of shivering which lasts a few secs each time, we felt worry and took her to our vet and did the urine test and blood test, and find that Na (Sodium) is low, ALP is 1350 (normal level: 20-150) and ALT is 170(normal level: 10-118), then a bunch of meds including one call “Ursosan” were prescribed, when we revisited our vet 5 days later and run the blood test again, there is no improvement on the ALT reading and the ALP is 2000!

We feel lucky that during the first visit when the vet indicated that the high ALP and ALT readings could be a sign of kidney and liver failure, we already start searching thru the internet for more information regarding canine kidney failure, and God we really glad that we had ordered a set of your “package one” after we came across your website and studied the testimonials left by other dog lovers, so when we turned to you for advice on why CoCo’s ALP readings jumped off the chart after telling you what meds were being prescribed, you gave us a very valuable information that “Ursosan” may cause serious disorders of liver or renal functions!

We don’t know why our vet prescribed “Ursosan” but we had then ceased all CoCo’s medication and follow your program to treat CoCo with RenaCleanse/Blood Cleansing Tonic/Hepara-Cleanse, as well as feeding her with home made diet and Dog Greens, the improvement on CoCo is rather fast and significant, she becomes more active and feels like eating again!

As recommended, twice a year in the spring and the fall, we will treat CoCo one week of Rena-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic and one week of Hepara-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic for maintenance, and Dog Greens is essential for each meal, it has been 15 months now and CoCo is still healthy and happy!

Thank you again!

Love from CoCo, June and Kent Wong

Hong Kong*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.



Molly is an AKC Scottish Terrier. She will be 9 years old on April 9, 2010.

She is spayed and has never been bred.

January of 2009 she needed to have a liver biopsy due to elevated ALP and ALT liver enzymes.

I believe the values were 533 and 345 respectively, and normal ranges are quite a bit lower.

She was diagnosed as having hepatocellular vacuolar centrilobular degeneration. Basically, as it was explained to me, more and more of her liver was being overtaken by a fibrosis, or a fibrotic process. There was only one medication that could help this condition, and we could also try antioxidants. Over the next several months the values didn’t lower dramatically, but they did lower a little with the prescription and vitamins.

Then in July of 2009, Molly presented with 3++ protein and blood in her urine. After three weeks on an antibiotic, the blood and protein were still there, but reduced to the 2 to 2++ range.

Over the next few months we would do once a month urine tests, with the protein / creatinine ratio always being 2 or higher.

She was finally deemed to have kidney insufficiency when the ratio became 4.4+.

And that is when I started her care and treatment with a more holistic approach and found Five Leaf.

After completing the first 3 week regimen I was astounded to find that her urine protein/creatinine ratio had dropped to 0.7 !!! A ratio of 0 to 0.5 is considered normal!

Another bonus is that her liver enzymes have dropped to 336-ALP and 123-ALT! These values are still above normal, but are going in a much better direction.

Thank you so much for this line of products and this regimen. It’s working for us and has favorably impressed our veterinarian!

We appreciate you.

Kathy McAvoy

Indianapolis, IN*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

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