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Hi and welcome to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. My name is Amanda Banting, I am a Herbalist and the founder of Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.

In 2002 one of my seven dogs, Tom (he was 6 years old at the time and my eldest), was diagnosed with heart disease, he was given only 6 – 12 months to live. I was devastated. My dogs are my children, so I could not accept his prognosis. I was already practicing natural healing and was very knowledgeable in the power of herbs as medicine, but my education had focused on treating humans, not canines. I, like many other dog owners, thought dogs were dogs – they were fed kibble, brought for walks, given vaccines here and there and they would live into their teens, hopefully dying in their sleep.

Since all my dogs were still young and relatively healthy up until that point, I never had to think about treating them with herbs and natural healing. Since the Vets had given me no hope for Tom and actually told me flat out “there is no cure for heart disease” I felt I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands and put a program together for Tom to help his body heal. I drew from my education and designed a program based on what I would do for a human in the same situation. I had acquired such great knowledge from my mentors and teachers, Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Richard Schulze, and I put it all to work in Tom’s program. I started Tom on the program immediately. Within one week his heart rate had dropped from an unsettling 220 BPM down to 110 BPM (within normal range). After the first month his heart rate was down to 70 BPM and that is where it stayed. Six months after starting the program I had another ultrasound performed and I was told to keep doing what I had been doing because his heart looked great. All his measurements had improved. They told me that I did not have to come back to get another ultrasound done unless he started becoming symptomatic again.

Having seven dogs at the time I was involved in many doggy activities and knew many other dog owners so by word of mouth I began helping other dogs with heart disease using the same program I designed for Tom. After witnessing equally remarkable results with other dogs using my program, I realized I had to make it available to other owners who wanted more than just conventional treatment that only prolonged inevitable death from heart failure. After its launch in 2003 CanineHeartHealth.com was soon helping hundreds of dogs with heart disease. Not only did these dogs have heart disease, many of them had failing kidney and livers, some due to the drugs they had been on to manage the symptoms of their heart disease and some had unrelated pre-existing issues. The Liver and Kidney herbs that are part of the Canine Heart Health Program were helping restore health to these diseased organs as well. To help my customers and their dogs, I decided we needed separate Kidney, Liver and Heart Health programs for dogs dealing with individual issues. That is how CanineKidneyHealth.com and CanineLiverHealth.com were born.

Five Leaf Pet Botanicals was not started as a business venture, it was started out of necessity for my dog and then yours. Since 2002 I have personally spoken with over 10,000 pet owners who have given me feedback and new ideas. This is a large part of why our herbal formulae and programs are so effective. We don’t just assume a certain herb works because we read it somewhere. I’m proud to say that Five Leaf Pet Botanicals knows what works because we use the herbs and see the results first hand. Using the highest quality organic and wild harvested herbs available enables us to offer what we think is the best natural healing solution available for dogs with Heart, Liver or Kidney disease period.

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Hi Amanda,

We write to thank you for your wonderful products that has been keeping our 14 years old CoCo healthy and active!

We have CoCo with us ever since she is a month old, she is part of our family and we always try our best to take good care of her.

In February 2009, CoCo did not feel like eating for 2 days and had a few episodes of shivering which lasts a few secs each time, we felt worry and took her to our vet and did the urine test and blood test, and find that Na (Sodium) is low, ALP is 1350 (normal level: 20-150) and ALT is 170 (normal level: 10-118), then a bunch of meds including one call “Ursosan” were prescribed, when we revisited our vet 5 days later and run the blood test again, there is no improvement on the ALT reading and the ALP is 2000!

We feel lucky that during the first visit when the vet indicated that the high ALP and ALT readings could be a sign of kidney and liver failure, we already start searching thru the internet for more information regarding canine kidney failure, and God we really glad that we had ordered a set of your “package one” after we came across your website and studied the testimonials left by other dog lovers, so when we turned to you for advice on why CoCo's ALP readings jumped off the chart after telling you what meds were being prescribed, you gave us a very valuable information that “Ursosan” may cause serious disorders of liver or renal functions!

We don't know why our vet prescribed “Ursosan” but we had then ceased all CoCo's medication and follow your program to treat CoCo with RenaCleanse/Blood Cleansing Tonic/Hepara-Cleanse, as well as feeding her with home made diet and Dog Greens, the improvement on CoCo is rather fast and significant, she becomes more active and feels like eating again!

As recommended, twice a year in the spring and the fall, we will treat CoCo one week of Rena-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic and one week of Hepara-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic for maintenance, and Dog Greens is essential for each meal, it has been 15 months now and CoCo is still healthy and happy!

Thank you again!

Love from CoCo, June and Kent Wong

Hong Kong